About the Story

This story will consist of ten generations, each of which favor a certain color. This color will appear in their clothing and possibly other places, such as a room in their house being decorated in that color. Romance will also be a big part of each generation's life. Some will end happily, others may not. Regardless, each generation will have one great love appear in their lives.

Before you get into this story, I suggest you read "Ileah Forrester's Bachelorette Challenge" first, as that is where Laban and Ileah met. To do so, you can click here.

You will also be seeing crossovers from my other story "Forever in Time" and possibly from my story, "Another World." The Ralston clan, created by Shafer249 in a 100 Baby Challenge, will often be seen.

As stated in the "About Me" section, characters and pictures are made using The Sims 3. Mods and CC are used, which can be found on the "Credits" page. NOTE: Credits page will always be a work in progress, so think of it as always being under construction.

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